Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Back from a Break

We were traveling in the land of Sunny California last week, visiting with friends and family. After a much needed get away and a wonderful time at art museums and meeting a couple of other artists, I am back from the break - much inspired and ready to be creative. I started this scarf last night and finished it today. As always, when I am in love with the yarn, the task goes so much faster! I am trying to finish a couple more of them for a small holiday fair I am doing on Dec 1. While on vacation, I also made a small hat, taught two friends to crochet, worked on two scarfs that are yet to be finished. 

I also managed to design and order prints for 2013 calendar featuring my artwork before we left and they also arrived in the mail yesterday. To take a look at my other works, please visit my facebook page: The calendars are $15.00 with free shipping! To order,  click the shop now tab on the facebook page or from my website


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