Monday, April 30, 2012

Ideas & Inspirations

As an artist, one of the common questions asked frequently to me is where I get my ideas from and what are my sources of inspiration. Its an easy question, but a rather hard one to answer. For me there is no simple answer. I generally start my paintings with something in mind, but mostly develop as I go - particularly the henna style and mandala paintings. I usually draw an outline with pencil when I start, but that's about the planning. For jewelry I tend to assemble out what I want to make and go from there. Pictured below is an idea showcase to move from being stuck at my local bead store. 

I also tend to spend a lot of time looking at art by other artists and draw inspiration from that. Most often, I will get the urge to paint when I am browsing art. My favorite go to places are: EtsyDeviant Art, and Pinterest. I also use PicClick to browse ebay art. Google images are helpful too. There is no limit to getting inspired from the comfort of my own couch :) We also spend time visiting museums, art galleries and other art walks / events as much as we can. My bookmarks are plentiful and there is no shortage of art to check out and be inspired. Even art supply stores have displays of work by their staff and they are very helpful in discussing tips & techniques!