Thursday, April 14, 2016

Jellyfish Coloring Page

Been working on a new 12" x 16" Jellyfish for the last few days and finished it yesterday. I spent about 3 hours this morning creating a coloring page from it. First, I traced the outline from the painting on a tracing paper. Next off, I transferred the pattern to a large drawing sheet. Then I outlined the jellyfish with a black sharpie fine point. Then came the task of filling in the details with another black sharpie, ultra fine point. Took some hi-res images of it, converted the jpg into a pdf, and uploaded it to my google drive as a downloadable file. It was more work than I wanted to spend time on this morning, but I am loving it and hoping a bunch of people download it, color it and share it back with me! 

Jellyfish Coloring page

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