Friday, February 22, 2013

A Trip to de Young

A couple of weeks back we were on the West Coast and got the chance to go to de Young, one of the Fine Art Museums in San Francisco, with one of our friends. The "Girl with a Pearl Earring" by Vermeer was on special exhibit and it was a wonderful experience to see it in person and spend some time taking it all in. We did the docent tour of the special exhibit and our docent was very knowledgeable and pointed out so many things one wouldn't know or easily miss. 

One of the most memorable paintings for me, other than the Girl with a Pearl Earring, of course, was the "Fauna and Flora of the Pacific" by Miguel Covarrubias. For me as a biologist, I was very impressed how he brought everything together so wonderfully and also mind-blowing that I have never seen even a map like this before. I came away with more inspiration to continue to work on my Henna Animals series.
The glass exhibit was also mind-blowing and we spent quite a bit of time there. 

And as we rounded off American Contemporary work, we came away with a lot of thought and discussion as to what is art and which art belongs in a museum, especially seeing a work of huge canvas painted with a black and blue border and left white otherwise (The blue made the white whiter and black blacker). 

We also spent some time on the observatory, taking in sights of the city all around us!

Photo credits: Sankara Raman, 2013.

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